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The "Kentucky Gentleman "

The "Kentucky Gentleman"

Tom Moore

Two gentlemen, Thomas (Tom) Selvin Moore and Benjamin (Ben) F. Mattingly fell in love with the Willett sisters. Both Tom and Ben married their sweet hearts & years later, their father-in-law signed over ownership of the Willett & Frenke distillery to them. In 1876 Tom & Ben rechristened their operation Mattingly & Moore Distillery.

Whiskey, an American History

Whiskey, an American History

Oscar Getz

Oscar Getz was amazed with the history of distilling in Kentucky. He was also a prolific collector of whiskey memorabilia. Getz was so enamored with bourbon making he wrote a book called, "Whiskey: An American pictorial history," which came out in 1978 and became the definitive reference to everything in the Bourbon business for the next two decades.