Whiskey University

Whiskey University is a series of "Tasting Classes" on the topics of Bourbon or Whiskey. There are OVER 48 total classes and all are either given publicly or privately at the "Tenn-tucky Bourbon Bar" both located in Columbia, Tennessee. 

The six most popular and basic classes are rotated quarterly in Columbia. They are;

Whiskey 101, Bourbon 201, a Jack Daniel's Tasting, a Jim Beam Tasting, George Dickel and a Heaven Hill Tasting. These six classes are held on the 1st Friday of each month.

Types of Tastings

There are three different types of Tasting Classes; 1.) There are 23 different "Bourbon Distillery Tasting Classes,"                     2.) There are 16 different "Other Bourbon Tasting Classes" and 3.) The are 9 different "Other Whiskey Tasting Classes."

Due to the sheer number of classes, all of the Basic Classes are held Quarterly while the other 42 classes are held every year and half to two years apart or by special request.


23 Bourbon Distillery Tasting Classes

Below you will find the wide range of tastings that are offered by Whiskey University in three Categories.

There are 23 different "Bourbon Distillery Tastings" and classes that focus on the world's 11 top Bourbon producers as well three tasting that shines the light on many "Medium Independent Distillers" in the "Whiskey Row Region" or the "Bluegrass Region in Kentucky and one highlighting eight medium distilleries in other states.

In addition each of the "Big 3" (Jim Beam, Heaven Hill and Buffalo Trace) have a Basic and three separate Advanced Tastings tied back to their lines, their brands and their distillery.

16 Other Bourbon Tasting Classes

The "Other Bourbon Tastings" category has 16 different classes that focuses on three different areas including;

The two "Most Basic" classes simply called, "Whiskey 101" and "Bourbon 201."  

Then there are Five Tasting Classes that discuss the specific areas in the Bourbon industry including:

The "Three Bourbon Regions" of Kentucky, The "Big 3" Distillers (Jim Beam, Heaven Hill and Buffalo Trace), and three classes that individually go into detail about the three Regions; the "Bourbon Capital Region" (around Bardstown, KY), the "Bluegrass Region" (around Lexington, KY) and the newly re-instituted "Whiskey Row Region" (around Louisville, KY)

There are also three Tasting Classes that highlights some Distinct bourbon sub sets like;  "Wheated" bourbons, "Bottled-in-Bond" bourbons, "Barrel Proof" bourbons. The last three tastings include one built around the "Founders of Bourbon," one around the "Extreme Bourbons" and one Capstone class that only includes the World's "Top Rated Bourbons" and the "Most Expensive Bourbons." 

9 Other Whiskey Tasting Classes

In the "Other Whiskey Tastings" you will find 9 classes that include:

Three classes on "Tennessee Whiskey" like; "Jack Daniel's, George Dickel" and "Prichard's and other Tennessee Whiskies."  Then there are three tastings on "Canadian Whisky" like "Crown Royal, Canadian Club," and "other Canadian Whiskies" Finally there are three classes on other Whiskies including; a "Rye Whiskey Tasting" an "American Blended Whiskey Tasting" and a "Flavored Whiskey Tasting."

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Whiskey University classes are held in Columbia, Tennessee but serve all cities to the north including Spring Hill, Tennessee; Franklin, Tennessee; Brentwood, Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee and Murfreesboro, Tennessee. To the south Whiskey University serves Lawrenceburg, Tennessee; Summertown, Pulaski, Tennessee; Lynville, Chapel Hill, Hohenwald and Lewisburg, Tennessee.