Tenn-tucky Bourbon Bar

Over 800 different North American Whiskies

of which 460 are Bourbons


Colonel Craig Duncan was one of the three founding members of Whiskey University dating back as far as September of 2009. In May 2012 three guys started hanging out a few times a month and talking about what they learned about Bourbon or Whiskey. Duncan along with Jason Kyle and Ross Osborne started collecting as many brands as they could find from the nine major bourbon distilleries (nine at that time) in Kentucky.

They each started contributing to the collection when they went to a local liquor store or traveled to another state or country. After about three years, the Tenn-tucky Bourbon Bar was conceived. Now with over 800 different brands of whiskey and 470 different brands of bourbons. Now it is one of the largest private collections in the world.

Tenn-tucky Bourbon Bar’s inventory includes:

Six Major Cataloged Sections:

1.) Top Right: Jim Beam

102 different Labels of Jim Beam’s (Beam Suntory) North American Whiskey Brands

62 of which are Bourbon,

18 of which are Ryes, 6 American, 14 Canadian and 14 Flavored Whiskies

2.) Top Center: Heaven Hill

81 different Labels of Heaven Hill’s North American Whiskey Brands

58 of which are Bourbon,

18 of which are Ryes, 1 Wheat, 6 American, 14 Canadian and 12 Flavored Whiskies

3.) Top Left: Buffalo Trace

105 different Labels of Buffalo Trace’s (Sazerac) North American Whiskey Brands

62 of which are Bourbon

5 of which are Ryes, 3 American, 23 Canadian and 21 Flavored Whiskies

4.) Bottom Left: 4 Companies

78 different Labels of Brown-Forman’s North American Whiskey Brands

28 of which are Bourbon, 32 Tennessee Whiskies

3 of which are Ryes, 2 American, 8 Canadian and 11 Flavored Whiskies

37 different Labels of Wild Turkey’s (Campari) North American Whiskey Brands

19 of which are Bourbon

4 of which are Ryes, 0 American, 10 Canadian and 4 Flavored Whiskies

51 different Labels of Barton/1792’s (Sazerac) North American Whiskey Brands

25 of which are Bourbon

1 of which is a Rye, 10 American, 15 Canadian and 3 Flavored Whiskies

23 different Labels of Western Spirits’ (B.B.C. produced) North American Whiskey Brands

7 of which are Bourbon, 2 American and 14 Flavored Whiskies

4.) Bottom Right: 7 Companies

10 different Labels of Maker’s Mark’s (Beam Suntory) North American Whiskey Brands

9 of which are Bourbon and 1 Flavored Whiskies

8 different Labels of Four Roses(Kirin) Bourbon Brands

46 different Labels of Diageo’s North American Whiskey Brands

20 of which are Bourbon, 9 Tennessee Whiskies

3 of which are Rye, 1 American, 19 Canadian and 5 Flavored Whiskies

63 different Labels of LuxCo’s (Campari) North American Whiskey Brands

31 of which are Bourbon

2 of which are Rye, 16 American, 8 Canadian and 7 Flavored Whiskies

26 different Labels of Willett’s North American Whiskey Brands

21 of which are Bourbon and 5 are Rye

15 different Labels of Jefferson’s (McLain & Kyne) 14 Bourbons Brands and 1 Rye

13 different Labels of Michter’s (US*1 Whiskies) 10 Bourbons Brands and 3 Ryes

6.) Extreme Left: Tennessee Whiskies

64 different Labels of Whiskey from Tennessee Brands

32 of which are Jack Daniel’s brands including 3 Flavored Whiskies,

9 of which are George Dickel’s brands including 1Rye,

8 of which are Prichard’s including 2 Flavored Whiskies,

15 other Craft Distillery Whiskies from Tennessee