Four Roses Founders

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. “The Romantic Founder”

. “The Romantic Founder”

Paul Smith, Jr.

Jones decided to move his company and distillery to "Whiskey Row" in Louisville, Kentucky in 1884 but could not find enough room to his liking. In 1889 he bought the J. G. Mattingly distillery for $125,000 at auction ($3,460,000.00 in today's dollars). Included in the purchase were a mill, a fermenting house, a boiler house, a distillery building and a cattle barn.

. Invented Eagle Rare

. Invented Eagle Rare

Charles L. Beam

Charles L. Beam (1922-2007), grand nephew of Jim Beam was hired as at Four Roses in 1962 and named only the fourth Master Distiller at Four Roses in 1968. Under Beam's tenure as Master Distiller, Four Roses introduced the Bourbon brands of Benchmark Bourbon in 1969 and Eagle Rare in 1975.

Brought Four Roses back  to U.S.

Brought Four Roses back to U.S.

Jim Rutledge

Jim Rutledge begged owner Kirin to "let us go back to bourbon and also bring Four Roses back home and start selling into the U.S. again" Kirin agreed, they started recalling and destroying all the bottles of bargain-basement blended whiskey. The distillery reintroduced a Four Roses Bourbon in 2002 and released its first Four Roses Single-barrel Bourbon in 2004 in Kentucky.